Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Makin' pals at the dog park

I was a little porky last year but nowadays I keep in fighting form with regular trips to the dog park! It's the biggest dog park in the US, so I get plenty of exercise walking through it. 

I like going to the dog park so much I've even been known to smile on occasion!

Last time I went there, this little upstart kept bugging me. I gave her the obligatory sniff hello, but beyond that I'm kind of a cranky old lady who needs her personal space, so I growled at her and walked away. But she kept bugging me! Puppies these days, sheesh... So finally, I stopped to give her a second sniff to see just what was so great about her. 

She's all right. I like a pup with a little moxie- I'm mortified, however, that we showed up to the dog park in the same harness. The scandal!

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